T680 | 5-channel Ethernet Time Interval Counter



  • Five-channel time-interval counter and time stamper
  • Five channels usable as TIC start plus four stops, or five time stampers
  • Common GATE input
  • 1023 sample FIFO per channel
  • External universal power supply or 12-volt DC power
  • 100 Mbit Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Compact extruded enclosure with optional mounting flange

- Datasheet


The T680 contains five wide-range time stampers. Each channel can snapshot the time of the rising edge of one electrical input, to 12.2 picosecond resolution with 48 bit range. In time-stamp mode, individual time stamps may be read. In TIC mode, channel 0 may be used as the "start" time reference for channels 1-4, with the option to acquire times after or before/after the start event.

Custom versions can include DRAM and perform internal histogramming or accumulate array data for applications like fluorescent decay and 2D delay line imaging.