MTC 108 I Multi-channel Time/Frequency Counter

FeaturesMTC108 photo

  • Eight precise measurement channels
  • >1 hour Time interval measurement range
  • <6.5 ps Precision (Standard deviation) at time interval measured from 0 to 1 ms
  • Up to 3.5 GHz frequency range
  • 11.106 time stamps./s per channel measurement rate
  • Five time measurement modes that increase precision or measurement rate
  • Measurement of Allan Deviation (ADVE), Time Interval Error (TIE), Maximum Time Interval Error (MTIE) and Time Deviation(TDEV)
  • User friendly front panel interface
  • Remote control with use of USB/Ethernet/RS-232/RS-485 interfaces

- Datasheet


MC108 is a unique, state of art, autonomous system for high-precision metrology of time and frequency. Thsi system allows for: (1) fast and accurate registering of physical events on a common time scale; (2) measuring the time intervals between any registered events; (3) measuring the frequency within a wide range; (4) evaluating the stability of frequency sources, especially reference atomic clocks; (5) transferring the measurement data for further external processing. A user-friendly control sytem is provided either locally, through the built-in keyboard or/and color touch panel, or remotely with the aid of USB or Ethernet interfaces.