GT916MUX | 16 to 2 Multiplexer for Time Measurements



  • Active multiplexer for time and frequency measurements
  • DC to 6 GHz Frequency range
  • 16 single ended or 8 differential inputs
  • 2 differential outputs driving 50Ω termination to ground
  • A common input signal for both outputs software selectable
  • -5V to +5V Input voltage range
  • PXI or PXIe interface, 1 slot, 3U form factor
  • SMP connectors for all input and output

- Datasheet


The GT916MUX is 16 to 2 Active Multiplexer allowing a time measurement instrument, such as a Frequency Counter or Time Interval Analyzer, to measure time an frequency of up to 16 signals with software selection.

All input can be used as single-ended signals or differential signal pairs under software control, selectable at runtime.

The main 16 inputs are routed to two differential outputs under user selectable control.

One signal “Reference” is routed to both outputs. This signal can therefore be used as a common reference for skew or propagation delay measurements of all the other signals.