GT9000 I 0.9ps Time Interval Test Plateform

GT9000 test plateform


  • Small-Size Portable
  • DC - 2.7 GHz Frequency range
  • Up to 0.9ps Time Resolution Single Shot
  • Very Low noise floor
  • Extremely High Throughput
  • Expandable to 24 synchronized channels
  • Built-In NIST traceable Time Base
  • Unbeatable accuracy, flexibility and measurement speed
  • Easy to integrate in ATE systems

- Datasheet


 The GT9000 computer-based “CTIA” Continuous Time Interval Analyzer product line also available on a scalable 2 to 24 channels with 10.1" touch screen display as well as in a 19" Rack Mount.

The product can be populated with either the GT668 Continuous Time Interval Meter a or the GT210 Time Interval Meter.

The GT9000 chassis is an industrial grade plateform with high-accuracy 100MHz time-base with NITS traceable calibration, enabling optimal test at low-cost.

Some of the GT9000 measurements include: Time Interval Meter, 1 PPS, Jitter measurement, PLL & Clock jitter, Spread Spectrum Modulation, PLL Lock Time, Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Skew, Tpd, rise/Fall Time, and more.