GFT2609 | Time interval meter



  • 8 NIM compatible inputs on LEMO connectors with 25ps bin size
  • 1 NIM compatible inputs on LEMO with 12.8ns bin size
  • 12 LVCMOS inputs on SUB-D connector with 12.8 ns bin size
  • < 5ns typical dead time between multiple hits on one channel
  • Unlimited number of hits per trigger
  • No dead time due to readout, new data is acquired during readout
  • 4M Hits/second readout rate
  • 419 µs range w. trigger logic enabled
  • 2h range without trigger logic enabled
  • Adjustable windows (size, position of trigger) incl. common start and common stop
  • Easy to use windows driver
  • On board storage for calibration data
  • Support for up to three event-synchronized boards
  • 5V, 32-bits, 33MHz PCI target device

- Datasheet


The GFT2609 is multi-channels Time-to-Digital Converter. With a bin size of 25ps and a typical dead time of < 5ns between multiple hits on one channel it is perfectly suitable for use in many high resolutions applications.

The GFT2609 as nine AC coupled inputs on LEMO series 00 coax connectors compatible to the NIM signaling standard. Eight are high resolution inputs and one is low resolution input. Furthermore, it has twelve DC coupled low resolution inputs for 3.3V LVCMOS signals.

Transitions of the input signal are called hits. The data acquisition can be limited to rising or falling signal transition.

An arbitrary input channel can be selected as trigger input. A trigger condition occurs for a transition signal on that input. The time of the trigger condition can be used to group the input data.

The trigger can be rearmed automatically after a programmable delay.

The GFT2609 continuously records the waveform on its inputs and produces a stream of output packets. Hits can be merged to groups. A group contains hits that occurred within a certain interval relative to the trigger.

The TDC is supplied with a standard device driver that can be used to command and control the device and acquire the data.