GFT2505 | Time interval meter



  • 4 channel common start TDC with 8ps resolution
  • Range: 109.22 µs (24 bit timestamp)
  • Maximum start rate: 4 MHz
  • L0 FIFO: 16 words/channel
  • L1 FIFO: 512 words/channel
  • L2 FIFO: 10000 words
  • PCIe 1x 1.0 with 200 MB/s throughput

- Datasheet


 The GFT2505 is a common-start time-to-digital converter. The timestamps of leading or trailing edges of digital pulses are recorded.

The xTDC4 produces a stream of output packets, each containing data from a single start event, i.e. the relative timestamps of all stop pulses that occur within the user defined range.

The GFT2505 is a high precision common start time to Digital Converter (TDC). The times stamps of leading or trailing edges of digital pulses are recorded with a single shot resolution of 13 ps.

The inputs are AC coupled and have an impedance of 50Ω. The digital threshold can be adjusted in order to comply with a manifold of single ended signals enabling the acquisition of positive or negative pulses.

The TDC is supplied with a standard device driver that can be used to command and control the device and acquire the data.