GFT2002 | Time Interval Meter



  • Two Channels (Start, Stop)
  • 1ps one-shot time resolution
  • < 10ps rms time interval jitter
  • ± 1 second time interval range
  • 19’’, compact Pci rack,
  • Ethernet interface,

- Datasheet


The GFT2002 is very precise time interval analyzer with low jitter. It has two inputs: one Start and one Stop.

Reading data represent the time interval between one start and one stop. Trigger level and slope are adjustable on each input. The module uses a linear interpolation technique and an internal calibration to obtain very high accuracy. The module uses an internal 10MHz very stable oscillator or an external clock. A software interface is included with the Time Interval meter analyzer and allows the programming of sample number, triggering conditions and the reading of time interval measurement.