P350 I 8-Channel Waveform Playback / ARB module



  • Eight channels of independent or synchronized 16-bit waveform generation
  • Two ADC analog inputs for summing or modulation
  • File playback and repetitive arbitrary wave generation modes
  • 32 Gbytes of internal waveform file storage
  • Realtime programmable sample rates, amplitudes, phase, time shift
  • Two bandwidth-programmable Gaussian noise generators
  • Includes modulation, filtering, channel summing, noise generation
  • Multi-box phase locking and waveform synchronizations
  • Embedded Linux with G-bit Ethernet and USB interfaces
  • Includes built-in self-test and signal monitor connectors
  • Compact module

- Datasheet


The P350 is a standalone 8-channel waveform generator intended for aerospace signal simulation. Channels can operate in Playback mode, streaming customer-furnished pre-recorded files. They can also operate in Wavetable mode, playing standard or custom repetitive waveforms.

The signal processing supports several filtering options, and high-resolution time shifting and phase rotation, allowing high precision generation of both classic analog waveforms and dynamically complex pulse trains, as might be found in simulation of complex rotating machines, vibration transducers, and pulse-type torque sensors.

Channel waveforms and ADC inputs can be arbitrarily summed or modulated. Gaussian noise generators are also provided for summing or modulation. Sample frequency, amplitude, time shift, phase, and DC offsets can be changed in real time, and can be applied coherently across multiple channels.