M8550 I 50MHz Pulse Function Generator

 Model 8550 50MHz generator


  • Direct replacement to HP 8116A
  • Four instruments in one: Function, Pulse, Phase and Sweep Generators
  • Popular output waveforms including sine, triangle, square, pulse and DC
  • Parameters are programmable over exceptionally Wide ranges:
    • Frequency: 10mHz to 50MHz
    • Amplitude: 10mV to 32V p-p
    • Offset: 0 to ±8V
    • Pulse width: 10ns to 99.9ms
    • Pulse transition: 5ns to 99.9ms
    • Sweep: 10mHz to 50MHz
  • Control input is available for pulse width modulation AM, VCO, and FM
  • Control inputs for FM, VCO, and AM modulatio
  • 30 storable, non-volatile, front panel set-ups
  • Standard GPIB interface

- Datasheet


Model 8550 is an extremely high performance programmable function generator. It provides a variety of signal waveforms to be used as test stimuli for a diversity of electronic devices. For improved immunity to RFI and EMI noise, the instrument is housed in an all-round metal case. The Model 8550 offers many features and functions such as enhanced accuracy, eight different linear and logarithmic sweep modes, automatic phase lock loop, counted burst, and internal trigger generator. Besides its normal-continuous mode, Model 8550 offers a variety of interrupted and controlled modes.Auto calibration and built-in self diagnostics, have made maintenance and troubleshooting extremely easy.