GFT7002 | 300 ps Step generator



  • Output Step
    • 300ps Rise Time
    • 10V/50R Amplitude
    • 100ns Step duration
    • < 15ps jitter ch./ch.
  • Output Trigger 
    • 10V/50Ω Amplitude
    • 1ns Rise time
    • 100ns to 1 ms duration
  • Adjustable delay from trigger on both channels
  • Controlled via Front panel, or Ethernet or Web page.

- Datasheet


The GFT7002 is fast leading edge withe a long flat top line step generator. SMA outputs deliver 10V/50Ω, 300ps rise time and 100ns duration. One another output provide a 10V/50Ω pulse ajustable in amplitude and width.

Delay from the trigger is ajustable on each channel with a resolution of 1ps.

Trigger source can be External, Internal from two synchronized frequency generators or a soft command.

GFT7002 parmeters can be local controlled over the front panel keys and lCD display and remote controlled via an Ethernet interface (10/100Mb/s) or web page.

Our "Web page" (access via standard navigator) provides a simple method to configure the setting on each channel and to control operation. You can save and recall sttings.