AWG-4022 I 2.5GS/s, 14-bit AWG & DPG Generator



  • Arbitrary Generator, Function Generator and Digital Pattern Generator all in one instrument
  • Dual Analog channel
  • 2.5 GS/s, 14-bit Vertical Resolution
  • Minimum Edge time down to 350 ps
  • Maximum dynamic range up to 5Vpp into 50Ω
  • Up to 64 Mpts per Channel
  • 16-32 Digital Channels in synchronous with analog generation provide 1.25 Gb/s in LVDS format. LVDS to TTL converter are available
  • Multi Instrument Synchronization up to 8 Channel Waveform Generator
  • SW User Interfaces: Expert for AWG & DPG mode and Simple for AFG mode
  • Three software-configurable output paths to cover all applications:
    • Amplified mode: 5Vp-p amplitude into 50Ω, 600MHz bandwidth with single ended or differential
    • Direct DAC mode: >1GHz bandwidth
    • AC coupled mode: >1GHz bandwidth, 0 to 2Vp-p amplitude into 50Ω
  • Full functional sequence (loops, jump, conditional branches) provides the possibility of generating complex signals with up to 16384 entries of analog waveforms and digital pattern
  • Ethernet interface for remote control

- Datasheet


The AWG-4022 is dual channel 1GHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Arbitrary Function Generator (AFG) and Data Pattern Generator (DPG) all in one instrument. The instrument offers premium signal integrity with the easiest to use touch screen display interface. The Generation of complex signals requires only a few screen touches. The output Voltage can be adjusted in Amplified mode up to 5 Volts Pk-Pk into a 50 Ω load with the possibility, thanks to the analog Bandwidth of 1 GHz, of performing edges down to 350 ps with minimal overshoot and ringing. The Disruptive and innovative architecture provides the possibility to generate unmatched performance, versatile functionality, outstanding usability, and upgradability during the life of the instrument. AWG-4022 is also an affordable waveform generation platform which helps to stretch the specifications of your project to the Limit, offering not just analog output but also digital Channels. All instrument controls and parameters are accessed through and intuitive User Interface. The AWG-4022 supports the Ethernet interface for remote control for easy customized instrument programming.