BF-SG8 I 10MHz - 8GHz RF Signal generator


  • High output power: up to +28 dBmSG8
  • Output frequency range: 10 MHz - 8 GHz
  • Arbitrary reference frequency
  • Remote control: RS-232, USB
  • Small size: 2U, ½ 19″, 315 mm

- Datasheet


The BF-SG8 10 MHz to 8 GHz signal generator is based PLL frequency synthetiser and supports five operation modes:

  • Continuous Wave - CW
  • Sweep Frequency - SWF
  • Sweep Level - SWL
  • Frequency Modulation - FM
  • Phase Modulation - φM 

In CW mode one can adjust frequency, level and phase offset. The are four ajustable parameters in sweep modes:

  • Start and Stop frequency (in SWF) and Start and Stop Level (in SWL)
  • Dwell Time
  • Shape: Saw or Triangle
  • Triggering: internal, external
  • Triggering mode: auto,single and manual

The following parameters are available in moduation modes:

  • Frequency
  • Level
  • Deviation frequency (in FM) or phase deviation (in φM), or sensitivity when external mudulating source is used
  • >Modulating source: internal or external
  • Modulatin signal shape: sine, square
  • frequency of internal modulating signal

Other settings refer to REF In and REF Out signals, as well as to AUX in / TRIG and Mic In inputs.

The instrument has USB and RS-232 interface for SCPI remote control and firmware updating capability.