APMS3003 I Triple 10kHz - 3GHz Synthesizer

T 3003


  • Phase coherent triple outputs
  • Low phase noise
  • Fast switching
  • High output power
  • Sweeps frequency
  • Fast Pulse & AM modulation (optional
  • Internal low noise OCXO reference
  • Interface: Ethernet, GPIB & USB (optional)
  • 19", 1U rack mountable Compact packaging

- Datasheet



The APMS3003 is a phase coherent triple-output RF signal generator with a frequency range from 9 kHz to 3.0 GHz and is ideally suited for a wide range of application, where good signal quality accurate and wide output power range is required. Good phase noise is combined with spurious and harmonic rejection.

Each output has a 0.001 Hz frequency resolution and uses a high-stability OCXO reference to provide excellent frequency accuracy and stability. The OCXO can be phase locked to an external 10 MHz reference or fully coupled for highest phase coherence.

The APMS3003 offers dedicated sweeping capabilities and wideband AM modulation as well as narrow pulse modulation.

The APMS3003 comes in standard 19 inch 1U enclosure and offers various control interfaces like USB, LAN, or GPIB. Each interface allows easy and fast communication using SCPI 1999 command set. Remote control of the instrument can be quickly attained from any host system. A customer supplied application programming interface (API) or programming examples for Matlab, Labview, C++, and other commercially available tools make implementation very straightforward.

The APMS3003 is rack mountable compact packaging.

It Operate with a standard AC, 100-240V supply, and consumes less than 50 watts.