VWA-00054-AD | 21.5 / 43 GHz Phase Shifter Doubler & Driver


  • Input frequency 10.7GHz
  • Output frequencies 21.5GHz (2 outputs) and 43GHz
  • Two independent phase schifters
  • 6 bits phase shift command
  • 5.6° phase shift step
  • 50Ω RF single ended input and output
  • AC coupled
  • K connector
  • +5V & -5V supply voltage

- Datasheet


The VWA-10-PSMX is a clock speed doubler with phase shifter for high speed transmission at 43Gbps. The PSMX module integrates two similar phase shifter and multiplier blocks in parallel, offering two outputs at the same frequency with ajustable relative phase. The second multiplied is split into two paths; one is followed by a frequency doubler With an input frequency in the 10.7GHz window, the PSMX delivers two 21.5GHz and one 43GHZ signal. All the outputs signal are phase shifted with regards to the input, the second 21.5GHz and the 43GHz signal being phase shifted with regards to the first 21.5GHz output signal. The phase shiftters are digitally controlled with a 6 bits command.