VWA-0000367 AA I RF Pulse Amplifier



  • 2 stages pHEMT GaAs amplifier
  • Gain control stage: (VcL)
  • Fast Rise time / Fall time : 100 ps
  • High output Voltage : 4 Vpp
  • High Gain Voltage : 20 dB
  • Power supply : 11 V / 300 mA
  • Size: 49.5 X 46.6 X 11.5 mm

- Datasheet


The VWA-0000367 AA is a 20dB gain RF pulse amplifier, providing up to 4.5Vpp in certain configuration, when the RF input pulse is 0.3 to 0.4Vpp. The VWA-0000367 AA can operate with short pulse less than 400ps in exhibiting less than 100ps in Rise and Fall time. It can also operate at low frequency such 1KHz with pulse width up to O.8ms. GDSII file is available for mechanical design.