PRL-350 I Dual Channel Comparator, TTL/ECL Outputs



  • Fmax > 1000MHz/300MHz for PRL-350ECL/PRL-350TTL
  • 750ps/ 1.1ns Typical tr for PRL-350ECL/PRL-350TTL
  • +50mV, 0V or -50mV Preset Input Threshold Voltage
  • -2.0V to +3.0V Input Common Mode Range
  • 10mV p-p Minimum Input @ 300MHz
  • DC Coupled 50Ω Inputs
  • Complementary ECL/TTL Outputs
  • SMA I/O Connectors
  • DC Coupled I/O's
  • Self-contained unit include an AC/DC adapters

- Datasheet


The PRL-350ECL and PRL-350TTL are ready-to-use, high speed dual-channel comparator modules. The PRL-350ECL has a maximum clock frequency in excess of 1GHz and has complementary ECL outputs designed for driving 50Ω transmission lines terminated to 50Ω/-2V.

The PRL-350TTL has a maximum clock frequency in excess of 300MHz and has complementary TTL outputs designed for driving 50Ω transmission lines with or without 50Ω load terminations Both models have DC coupled 50Ω inputs and outputs.

Input threshold voltage can be selected either from a set of preset values of +50mV, 0V or 50mV using a common three-position switch, or varied independently in each channel by applying a DC voltage to one of the two inputs.

Input Common Mode Range is -2.0V to +3.0V.

These high speed comparators are Mini Modular Instruments ™ that can be used as peak detectors, threshold detectors, sine wave to square wave converters, window comparators or differential line receivers, etc.

Typical minimum input voltage required at 300MHz is 10mV p-p. into 50Ω. Each unit is supplied with a ±8.5V AC/DC Adapter and housed in an attractive 1.3 x 2.9 x 3.9-in. extruded aluminum enclosure.