OL-3000 | Analog Optical Link 80Hz to 3.5GHz

OL 3000


  • Wide bandwidth 80Hz to 3.5GHz
  • Transmission of CW and pulse analog signal
  • High dynamic range
  • Powered with embedded batteries
  • Shielded modules
  • Model with 26dB pre-amplifier

- Datasheet


The stand-alone system consists of a transmitter, a receiver, a fiber optic cable and a charger for both units. The optical link is designed for the transmission of analog signals (CW and pulses) from 80Hz to 3.5GHz.

The signal is conditioned and converted into an analog electrical optical signal in the transmitter module and is sent to the optical receiver through a fiber optic cable. The receiver module converts back the optical signal into an electrical signal. The receiver includes an automatic gain control to maintain precise and constant performance.

Both transmitter and receiver modules are shielded and are powered with embedded rechargeable batteries.

We also propose a version of a transmitter with an internal 26dB low noise preamplifier.

The optical link is typically used in measurement set-ups using electric or magnetic sensors or with current probe.

Differential measurement can be carried out with the balun BL3-5G.

To control and measure the response of the analog optical link a well shielded Reference Step Generator (250ps rise time and 0.1ms duration) is available.