GFT632 | 32V Pulse Generator Module


  • Output pulse
       32V amplitude under 50Ω
       < 3ns rise time
       1µs Width
       < 2 ps RMS jitter
  • External Trigger input
  • >Operate from standard 12V AC/DC adapter
  • Options
       15 to 70 V amplitude
       50 ns to 1 µs width

- Datasheet


The GFT632 module is an external triggered up to 32V pulse generator. This compact modules produces up to 32V under 50 Ω fast 2ns rise time square pulses.
The output amplitude can be adjusted (trimpot) in factory from 15V to 70V. The output width can be also adjusted in factory from 50ns to 1µs.
Typical GFT632 application would be to amplifier the output of Greenfied Technology digital delay generator (GFT1004 or GFT1020...). In this way the module can be at 20 meters from delay generator and near the device to trigger.