GFT500 I 200ps Step Generator Module



  • Output Step Pulse
    • < 200ps (20% to 80%) rise time
    • < 2ps RMS jitter
    • 5 V amplitude under 50Ω
    • 100 ns width
  • External trigger input: 1.5V Threshold
  • Oprerates from standard 12 AC/DC adapter

- Datasheet


The GFT500 module is an externally triggered fast leading edge step generator. This compact module produces step pulses of 5 V under 50 Ω, with fast 200 ps rise time.

The amplitude and width of Output step pulse are factory adjustable between 4 V to 9 V and 50 ns to 1 µs.

Typical GFT500 application would be to generate a very fast leading edge from the output of Greenfield Technology pulse/delay generator (GFT1004, GFT1504 or GFT1020). In this way the module can be at 20 meters from delay generator and near the device to trigger.