SAM 945 I Isotope Identification System

Photo SAM 945-2


  • Handheld ANSI Standards N42.42 & N42.43 Compliant
  • Isotope Identifier with Smartphone
  • Identify Multiple Nuclear Isotopes 1 Second
  • Optional 3He Neutron Detector (for SNM)
  • Auto-Calibration and Stabilization
  • Photo-Tagging with N.42 Data Networking
  • Industry’s Largest Library (497 Isotope Options)

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The latest identifier from Berkeley Nucleonics offers the convenience and familiarity of Smartphone /PDA technology with powerful identification and analysis algorithms. ­e handheld Model 945 gives users real-time updates on isotope ID, isotope class, dose rates and count rates. ­e useful library options allows users an application-specific experience (Medical, ANSI, SNM, NORM, User-Customized, etc…) ­e library is expandable (to 497 isotopes).

The current feature list in the SAM 945 is eye-popping. In addition to a variety of triggering options and data collection or storage routines, the new handheld gives users handy extras like photo-tagging or mid-acquisition time adjustments. ­e GPS details and other environmental conditions are automatically acquired without the need for special user involvement. ­e utility of using a Smartphone/PDA is remarkable, with vibrant display options, ringtones and alarm sounds, ecient power conservation and an IP65 rated detector package.

PeakAbout…the App for the Model 945 SAM III is included at no charge and is updated with new features regularly by Berkeley Nucleonics.

For the next generation of Isotope Identifier users, the SAM III should be considered.