Neutron RAE II Personal Radiation detector




  • Detects neutrons from weapons-grade Plutonium (239Pu)
  • Sensitive CsI and LiI scintillators for excellent search capability and fast response
  • Prominent visible, audible and vibration alarms
  • Immersible in water for easy decontamination
  • Top-mounted invertable display
  • Continuous digital readout in µR/h or µSv/h  for gamma, and cps (counts per second) for neutron radiation
  • Continuous accumulated total dose readout for gamma radiation
  • Dust and shock resistant

- Datasheet


Neutron RAE II is the first personal radiation detector to provide rapid detection of both gamma (γ) ray and neutron sources even inpotentially flamable environments. Certified intrinsically safe and water-immersible for chemical decontamination purposes, the neutron RAE II can be safety used in more environments than any other personnal gamma and neutron radiation detector.

The neutron RAE II is designed for use in rough environments. It is immersible (IP67) in water for easy decontamination, and a concussion-proof case provides shock protection if the detector is dropped. The two-button operation is designed for use even in level A protection suits with two layers of gloves.

The neutron RAE II features fast response time for both the neutron and gamma radiation. Alarm modes can be set to operate in "Search Mode" based on local background radiation levels or "Safety Mode" providing high and low level based on absolute dose rates.