Model 960 - URAM - Universal Radiation Area Monitor

Model 960


  • Detects, analyzes, and transmits radiological incident locations
  • Range: 0.1 µSv/h to 100 mSv/h (10 µR/hr to 10 R/hr)
  • Rugged design allows for installation in extreme environments
  • Secure wireless or hardwired data output for simple data collection and networkability
  • User-friendly Programmable Units of Measurement and Alarm Settings
  • Touch-screen operation with Audio & Visual Alarms

- Datasheet


The Model 960 uses a stream-lined design to create one of the most user-friendly area monitors available. The operation interface consists of a simple keypad, an easy-to-read five-digit “LED” display, warning indicators for low and high radiation alarm levels, low battery, and instrument failure.

Calibration parameters are accessed by a safely recessed push button. A Calibration Set-tings screen displays a function menu that allows the user to set alarm, threshold, averaging time, and units of measure. Parameters are stored in memory even when power is disconnected. Internal batteries provide 48 hours of backup power after the primary power has been removed.