Nuclear Detection Instruments


Model Description
SAM945 Isotope identification with Reach back program. Real-Time Background Correction. SAM uses a Smartphone connected by Bluetooth.
RD120 SAMpack Isotope identifier in real time Gamma and neutron detection. Smartphone application.
MOD 970 Portable multi channel Analyser (MCA). A 4096 channels in the hands of researchers and engineers. Convenient for Spectroscopy and Spectrometry applications.



Model Description
Gamma RAE  II Personal Gamma radiation detector and full range dosimeter in a single instrument. Water resistant/immersible, loud alarm, dose accumulation.
Neutron RAE II Personal detector to provide detection of both Gamma and Neutron source. Designed for use in rough environment.
PalmRAD907 PalmRAD nuclear radiation meter is easy to use. It surveys Alpha, Beta, gamma and x-ay radiations. Rugged enclosure, audio and visual alarm.
Model 951 The nukeALERT 951 is the essential preventative radiological detection system to disclose the presence and intensity level of gamma radiation for nontechnical personnel (1-9 Alarm Level).



Model Description
ERK-506    The system contains a state of the art, microprocessor based digital display meter that auto ranges and can detect most of the common alpha, beta & gamma radiation that is likely to be present in an emergency situation.
ERK-525 The ERK-525 is a complete, portable radiation monitoring system designed to measure a broad range of radioisotope contamination under field conditions.



Model Description
Model 960  The model 960 provides radiation dose rates in convenient form factor. It uses state of the art touch-screen technology and a stream-lined design to create one of the most user-friendly area monitors available.