GFT6514 | High Speed Digitizer



  • 10 bits vertical resolution
  • Up to 5 GS/s sample rate (in 1 channel  mode)
  • Up to 4 channels
  • Digital input with TDC can also be used for gating and triggering
  • 2nd digital input for gating or triggering
  • PCIe 4x 1.0 with 800 MB/s throughput
  • Multi boards can be synchronized
  • Extension board with 4 additionnal digital Inputs

- Datasheet


The GFT6514 is a high speed digitizer designed to sample relatively shorts pulses in rapid repetition. It produces a stream of output packets, each containing data from a single trigger event together with a timestamp.

 The GFT6514 is a high speed x4 PCIe analog to digital converter operating at a maximum sample rate of 5GS/s and a resolution of 10 bits. It supports onboard zero suppression for pulse extraction on the input data stream.

 The GFT1514 is well suited for pulse processing applications. Its high PCIe throughput and on board pulse extraction greatly reduce CPU overhead in these applications

 The digitizer has un additional TDC channel with 40 ps resolution for triggering.

 For applications that require more than four channels a synchronized system can use a mix of up to eight boards.

The digitizer is supplied with a standard device driver that can be used to read out any number of boards and acquire data.