Model 505 I Multi Purpose Pulse Generator



  • 10ns Delay & Width Resolution on 8 channels
  • Adjustable amplitude 1V to 10V into 50Ω or 2V to 20V into high impedance
  • 2ns channel to channel Jitter
  • Continuous, burst, single shot, ext. trigger, gate
  • Quick recall of up to 6 system configuration
  • On screen menu and help
  • RS-232 & GPIB computer interface
  • options:
    • 2, 4, or 8 channels
    • 19" Rack Mount

- Datasheet


The Model 505 is a general purpose pulse/delay generator and provides 8 independent channels, multiple modes of operation, and 16 different edges into a single instrument.By allowing external, internal, and 3rd party software to control the 505 this Digital Delay and Pulse Generator can address many application specific requirements.

  • As a pulse generator Model 505 provides rate, delay, width, and output adjustability with each channel.
  • As a digital delay generator, model 505 provides fine resolution, timing, and low jitter.

The outputs are synchronized to one another with coherence of 5 ns. A channel’s timing can be referenced to any other channel or to the zero delay point (To) The edges are adjustable in 10 ns steps. Channels can be selectively gated, enabled / disabled. Each channel possesses separate output level and polarity characteristics along with system level gating capability. Model 505 provides the ability to store custom parameter settings which are able to be recalled for later use.The Model 505 Digital Delay Generator provide 2, 4 or 8 delay and width outputs capable of synchronizing to either external or internal triggers. The Model 505 Digital Delay Generator offers delay and width resolution of 10 ns. Channels for the Model 505 Digital Delay Generator can be selectively gated, enabled or disabled with each channel delivering selectable output polarities and an independently adjustable level. These models also allow the selection of a reference to which each channel is synchronized. For example, any channel can be synchronized to an external trigger (To), internal trigger (also To) or the leading edge of any other channel (T1 thru Tn). The channels operate in modes independent of the other channels. Mode availability includes gated, enabled, burst, single shot, normal, duty cycle (divide by N). The Model 505 Digital Delay Generator also operate in triggering modes common to all channels. A continuous mode provides pulse periods with 500 ps and 10 ns resolution. This allows orders-of-magnitude finer control of the triggering interval than with a frequency controller. A single-shot mode produces a single pulse with each pushbutton or each external trigger. A burst mode produces a burst of pulses selectable from 1 to a million. The duty cycle mode provides M pulses on and N pulses off (divide by N, if you want). Digital Delay Generator supports RS232 and GPIB. The Model 505 Digital Delay Generator offers an adjustable level up to 20 V.